Introduction Huygens Huys

The Huygens Huys of Veldman Antiques it is all about antique clocks and exclusive pocket watches.

In an era of Internet, electronics, speed, hurry, fast food and disposable products, people are always looking for harmony and beauty. The clocks in our collection are a rare and beautiful combination of technology, ingenuity and beauty. Whether it's a monumental grandfather clock, an English lantern clock or a French pendule, they are all created by their makers in the past with great care and attention. Created for eternity ! Clocks are emotion, because of their beauty, their constant ticking of the time or their striking but also because they remind you of a beautiful clock at home long ago.

In 2007, Bob Veldman opened his shop in Blokzijl. In 2012 he moved into the monumental old Post Office in Frederiksoord. There you will find a beautiful and exclusive collection of antique clocks and watches. In the Huygens Huys he also repairs and restores your old or antique clocks. If your clock or watch needs repair or restauration, please feel free to contact us. We will quote you a price upfront. There is a great chance that the price will surprise you in a positive way so you can enjoy your clock again.

Do you have a special clock, you want something else? Please do come around. We also buy clocks and also offer opportunities for clocks to exchange. We do ship clocks all over the world, do not hesitate to ask more about the possibilities !

In addition to exclusive watches can be found in the Huygens Huys also a splendid collection of antique silver, glass, small furniture, barometers and antique marine navigation instruments.