Repair and restore, Huygens Huys

We also repair and restore your old or antique clocks or pocketwatches.

Klokken reparatieWe perform professional restoration and repair of old and antiques clocks and watches. All necessary tools for a professional repair are present. For repairs and restoration of antique clocks, we work throughout the Netherlands. If required we can take care of the transport of your clock. Please contact us.

The starting point for every restauration or repair is that we use as much as possible original methods and materials. To reach professional results, we can even use original repair tools of watch and clock makers from the 18th and the 19th century! If the clock housing, the dial plate or other parts of the clock needs restoration we will cooperate with fellow professionals (furniture makers, metal moulders, painters, gilders etc.) to ensure that your clock will be restored to its original state.

The Huygens Huys takes end responsibility and will take care of everything to restore your clock. We do ship clocks all over the world, do not hesitate to ask more about the possibilities !